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Domain name registration

Domain name registration or transfer for your domain is included when you are obtaining our www and mail hosting services. The costs of the domain (registration or transfer fee) are not included in the costs of hosting services.

If domain is registered or transfered without obtaining hosting services, a fee of 20 euros for our trouble (VAT included).

The registration fee for domains in Finland (.fi) is equal to the fee specified by the Finnish communication agency. It is currently 13 euros for one year, 36 euros for three years, or 55 euros for five years (VAT 0 %). The client may also buy the domain directly from FiCoRA.

We can also register .com, .net., .org, .info or .biz domains. Our current fee is 20 euros (VAT included) / domain which includes the registration for one year or 50 euros (VAT included) / domain for three years.

In addition, we can also register other domains which are freely registrable. The costs for these vary. Contact us for more info.

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