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What does hosting mean?

Many IT services such as www pages, mailing lists and mailboxes, need a server to operate on. A server is a computer which is always on, connected to the Internet and ready to provide these services. For example, www pages are ordinary files located on a server. Web browsers request these files from various servers via the Internet, based on the page address.

Hosting means a service wherein the customer buys the server platform for his/her IT services from an external party. This arrangement often pays off well, because many customers lack the connections, server rooms, proper administration and regular backup copies, which are necessary for keeping a server.

What's special about Sange's hosting services?

  • The prices are relatively affordable.
  • Sange adheres to the idea that even the most basic service packages should have diverse features and services. For example, we take no extra charge for using a database, because in our experience this leads to additional trouble for both the customer and the administration when the customer tries to develop suboptimal alternate solutions.
  • A tightly integrated environment, which provides rich means for e.g. arranging e-mail address routing and using subdomains.
  • Many program components ready for use. These components make it easier to develop customers' sites and www applications.
  • Strong support for dynamic pages. We provide, among other things, PHP, Python, Perl, Zope, MySQL and PostgreSQL. (Java solutions have to be agreed on separately because of their considerable resource consumption and administrative overhead.)

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