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About the company

Sange cooperative was founded year 2000. Its main purpose was to provide services to its members, a good hosting service to sites, mailing lists and other net services administrated by the members, as well as a company through which the members can organise their temporary projects and their billing. Since then, new customers have begun to increasingly come from outside the members' acquaintances, even to such a degree that this group nowadays represents most of our customers.

Sange represents an employee oriented ideology, which means that our topmost priority is the wellfare and contentness of our employee (i.e. members). As a net result of employee-orientedness, client satisfaction is also often better guaranteed than with client oriented organisations.

Sange is based at Helsinki, Finland, Europe and most of its members come from the capital area of Finland. Most of the members are young, self-educated IT professionals.

Sange's operation is currently coordinated by a six-person board and its chairman. We in Sange shun all forms of bureaucracy, so various practical activities have been delegated to the members.

The most important of Sange's servers are located at Tenue's premises in Espoo, with a considerably fast network connection. Some servers are located at Aurorankatu 13, Helsinki, as well.

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